About Us

Progressive Collective

Our collective would like to thank all of you for your support from the early dispensary days to today. Without all of you, we would not be where we are at.

In going into 2016, we are proud to continue serving both medical and recreational users.

Our shop is fully stock with a wide variety of clones, concentrates (hash, melts, bubbles), edibles, tinctures, topicals and more.

Progressive Collective will continue to refine our selection of cannabis products by taking our patients and customers constructive feedback. Along with providing new and cutting edge cannabis products and accessories. We aim to be the dispensary that meets all your needs.

There are two paths that our collective uses to compile customer feedback. The first is through our traditional method which is direct interactions with our clientele and second through our social media. All the constructive feedback is used to improve our customer service, quality of products, and provide the cannabis products our patients and clients request.


Our mission is to provide quality customer service, affordable cannabis products, and cannabis accessories to fit into all medical and recreational users lifestyle.


Our collective will continue to provide quality cannabis products and services along with contributing to our community. Our contribution to our local community is through supporting local Cannabis businesses such as our Oregon cannabis farmers, processors, and members of our community that is passionate about Cannabis through employment.


Sell quality cannabis products and accessories at a reasonable profit, treat our patients and clients like human beings, and they will always come back for more.

Our collective conducts our operation with strong professional ethics for service and quality and with 100% of our patients, clients,local cannabis, and employees well being in mind.



Our shop is fully stocked with a wide variety of clones, concentrates (hash, melts, bubbles), edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Progressive Collective's mission is to provide our customers with the best customer experience and selections of cannabis products.

All of our cannabis products are Oregon grown and processed. Before being displayed and ready for resale, each producer and processor has met all state, health, and our collective requirements.

Our customers have awarded our dispensary with having the "Best Clone Selection in Portland". We thank all of you for your support and feedback.

We are honored to continue helping our medical patients and recreational users. Thank you for your support and we welcome your inputs in order to better serve you.

Our bud pricing are color coded in three tiers. Our yellow board is our most affordable, the orange board is affordable and our red board is our top shelf buds where we have to be fair to our cannabis farmers.

Welcome to the neighborhood


Each individual that checks in as a medical patient or recreational user is automatically a member. There's no membership or door fees.

Each member automatically accumulates points as they make a purchase. Every $25.00 spent equals 1 points. Check out our Buddy Referral Program.

When a member spends $25.00, they earn 1 point. 1 Point = $1.00

This is part of our efforts to show how much we appreciate all of your support.

In addition, there is a 10% OFF for Seniors, Disabled Members, SSI, Medicare and Veterans, with proper documentation.

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